Ada Lovelace Week 2020

I was a part of the organizing team for Ada Lovelace Week 2020. Over the course of several months, we put together a week of events to celebrate gender diversity in technology. Though we had originally envisioned an event in person - we decided to put on a series of talks and panels due to COVID-19 constraints.

You can read more about what the event entailed here: and coverage by the UChicago Physical Science Division here.

We were really proud to host a series of incredible women and non-binary technologists. You can watch all the videos of the events here on Youtube.


Day One: Opening Plenary Panelists: Jingyi Li, Gabriella Johnson, Constanza Piña Pardo, Ari Melenciano

Day Two: Industry Panelists: Philippa Ngaju Makobore and Elizabeth Koprucki

Day Three: Art Panelists: Ashlyn Sparrow and Snow Xu

Day Four: Academia Panelists: Marshini Chetty and Ellen Yi-Luen Do